Our Ambitious Attempt To Deliver Burgers Across Malta

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Our Ambitious Attempt To Deliver Burgers Across Malta

Where do we begin….?

On the 11th of August, we set upon our quest to change the Malta burger game once and for all. Yes, we decided to launch the Just Burger delivery service. Whilst we anticipated demand, we did not foresee the huge influx of orders that we received! This unfortunately affected a couple of our delivery orders.

At Just Burger, we take pride in our homemade cooking and that we are a family-run restaurant. Writing this isn’t easy, we let you down and we know it. But we aren’t ones to cry in the corner. We wanted to shed some light on how our delivery efforts went and what we’re going to do to better ourselves.


We had worked on the delivery service for quite some time and put our heart and soul into making it work. We wanted to expand the horizons of Paceville and Sliema and cater for everyone no matter their location; because no matter where you live, you still deserve a gourmet burger delivered straight to your door every now and then. Needless to say, we were very excited for the launch! Here’s how we got on.

Day 1: So far, so good!

Alas, the delivery service is launched. It’s 13:00 and we have received our first order. So far, so good. After a couple of orders, things look to be going in the direction we hoped. The orders were rising and the customers were happy. Not bad ey?

Day 2: Slight hiccup, no biggie

A new day, a new order. This time, an early one to kick things off. Both our Sliema restaurant and Paceville restaurant are now live on Time To Eat. Like day 1, things ran smoothly up until we encountered a big enough order to send Michael Phelps into a food coma. Our delivery man was frantically driving around trying to get everyone’s orders in on time. Two of the orders were not delivered after the agreed upon time. We needed to do better.

Day 3: Abort mission!

‘Twas a beautiful Saturday. We opened the Sliema restaurant and slowly after our Paceville restaurant. The first orders were in, the food cooked, drafted out, and that’s how we hoped it would continue. Let’s fast forward a couple of hours. Things aren’t looking pretty. Orders are coming in from all directions and we simply don’t have the manpower to deliver all the orders in time.

Our first mistake was having to travel between the two different restaurants. Don’t get us wrong, the St Julians to Sliema waterfront is truly beautiful. Walking from one area to the other is liberating. Beautiful views, a nice breeze and a straightforward walk. The key in that previous sentence is walk. Driving is a whole other story… But we aren’t here to advocate against Transport Malta about any traffic issues, we were simply overwhelmed with orders and had trouble coping.

….. And then we received this complaint

Whilst we find the closing Jennifer Aniston movie pun and Happy Meal remarks very funny, we have taken this very seriously. We’ve opted not to hide such a damning review, we are going to put our brave faces on and address it head on. Hell, we have even embedded it in our blog post. We don’t make excuses around here! We were late and did not keep you up-to-date, and for that, we apologize. We hope you can give us another chance Stubbe and the same goes to any others who feel let down by our services.

Day 4: The feast isn’t so bad after all

Going into Santa Maria, you could say we had mixed feelings. We were somewhat anxious about the deliveries and how we handled them, but at the same time excited for the public holiday. Like day 3, the orders started to fly in……here we go again.

But the panic button was never hit. We managed to remain composed and calm. Even though we had another extremely busy day, we managed to deliver all our orders except two. Whilst some of you may be thinking that missing two orders is extremely poor, we’re trying to be a bit more optimistic. We know we could have done better, but we are proud how we coped in such a hectic situation.

Whilst we know we managed to frustrate a good amount of people, we’re happy to say that we have received some truly positive and satisfying feedback on both Time to eat and on Facebook. So on that note, here’s to the future.

Brace-yourself your delivery is coming

Fast forward a couple of weeks

We’re getting there. We know for some, this still isn’t enough as orders are still arriving late but we’re slowly figuring this delivery business out. Whilst we have been encouraged by comments like this..

We love receiving reviews, both the positive and the negative ones. We love everything about them, but it’s the negative ones that make us work harder. We learn from every negative review we get – and we adapt our delivery strategy to try and find the right solution. Some we have got right, and others, let’s just say, soon enough!

We hope that you haven’t lost your faith in us just yet and that we can convince you to order from Just Burger again. Oh, and for anyone looking to give us a helping hand (which some may say we need), then we are on the lookout for more delivery drivers. Get in touch with us today and help your fellow Maltese get the gourmet burgers they deserve.

Can we take your order? YES, we can.
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