The December Burger, A Christmas Special

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The December Burger,
A Christmas Special

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the town
The chefs were searching, for that burger crown

Our customers were waiting, so graceful with care
In hope, that the December Burger would soon be here.

And there in the Plaza, in the ground floor bay
Our burger was born, before Christmas day!

The Public went wild, their hero was finally here
Say hello to the December Burger, with a Christmas cheer!


It’s Christmas! Well, sort of. It’s never too early to put up your decorations, so here at Just Burger, we are doing just that!

We have stacked the December burger! But before you think this may be another exaggerated Christmas feast, be warned, this isn’t an ordinary Christmas meal.

So let’s talk the December burger.

There are some traditions you just can’t break, so never mind the Christmas turkey, Angus beef is here to stay. Keeping up with tradition, you will find 140gr of black Angus beef sitting in the December burger. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

Here’s when things start to get a little “Christmasy”. Christmas is the season of Cinnamon, just another reason why we love December so much. The bottom brioche bun is covered with a honey-and-spice cranberry jam. Let the childhood memories roll in.

But before we hear you chanting that the December Burger is “starting to look taste a lot like Christmas”, this is where things get exciting.

Instead of telling our chefs to whip up a heavy Christmas combo that grounds you to your seat, we told them to do the opposite. We wanted to create a burger that tastes of Christmas, yet is so refreshingly “light” that you begin to doubt if this is just another Christmas tale.

On top of the beef patties, you will find our Christmas special. A tasty combination of marinated beetroot, green apple, thinly sliced red onion, celery leaves, mint and basil. Our marination process has been devised from a beloved Swedish Dish known as “Gravad Lax”, after all, it wouldn’t be Just Burger food without a sweet Swedish twist. To finish our marinade, finely sliced radishes are added, blending the perfect amount of crunch and flavour.

Do you think the December burger will be the best burger in Malta?

With all that said, and in the spirit of the most wonderful time of the year, we invite you down to the Plaza Shopping Centre, and into our humble abode. The December burger will be available throughout the month of December from the Just Burger Malta restaurant.

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