Just Burger Featured on Lovin Malta’s “Awesome Burgers you need to try”

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Just Burger Featured on Lovin Malta’s “Awesome burgers you need to try”

About a month ago, Just Burger was featured on the popular online website Lovin Malta in an awesome article on the best burgers in Malta you absolutely must try this weekend.

Needless to say, we were gushing. It’s not every day a popular content powerhouse rates your burgers amongst the best in Malta along with the likes of New York Best and Hugo’s Burger’s.

Here’s who Lovin Malta judged to be some of the best burgers in Malta (In no particular order, but starting with our undoubtedly and unsurprisingly favourite).

Just Burger:  Bacon and Cheeseburger

Beautiful. Yummy. Amazing. (Hey, these aren’t our words, we’re just reciting some of the Facebook reviews Best.) Best burger in Malta? We shall let you be the judge! We are very proud of our bacon and cheese burger, one of our very first creations in the Just Burger kitchen.

The Bacon and cheeseburger is one of the iconic burgers which helped put Just Burger on the map and recommended for our minimalistic burger qualities. Here’s what Lovin Malta had to say, “This burger is simplicity at its best, and whatever these guys do work wonders without gimmicks”.

We aren’t the biggest admirers of topping burgers with loads of ingredients just to sound nice or look fancy. Of course, we do try to cater to all and launch a new and exquisite monthly burger which is a bit more fun and creative.

For those of you looking to try our bacon and cheese burger or any of our other delicious burgers then pop by one of our resturants in Paceville and Sliema. Not in the mood to venture out? No problem! We launched our burger delivery malta service dedicated to delivering the best burgers to your door!


Want to try our bacon and cheeseburger?

Shoreditch:  El Paso Burger

Our neighbours Shoreditch are another to feature in Lovin Malta’s best burger places in Malta with a special mention to their spicy El Paso burger. Shoreditch’s El Paso burger contains homemade chili salsa, pickled jalapenos and spicy cheddar. Tasty!

Hungry Cow:  The Holy Cow

Hungry Cow’s Holy Cow burger is a beast. It’s a stack of beef made for the burger lovers out for a towering feast. The Bugibba burger joint has been raising eyebrows in recent months with their thunderous burgers and exclusive sauces.

Badass Burgers:  The Daddy

Perhaps on the opposite end to our simplistic burger approach, Badass Burgers is king when it comes to creating monster burgers. Badass Burger’s “Daddy” has definitely placed the restaurant amongst the best burger places in Malta.

Hugo’s Burger Bar:  911 Burger

Some people think Hugo’s Burger has become one of the best burger places in Malta. Hugo Burger’s restaurant is cool, the menu is expansive and their burgers are bold. Hugo’s 911 burger is one of a kind, with it’s dyed red buns and its spicy flavour. Just like Lovin Malta, we’re fans of spicy burgers and admire anything that is delicious and hot!

New York Best:  Double Chicken Burger

Perhaps the only burger on New York Best’s menu which doesn’t carry the “We serve ours pink” slogan (for obvious reasons). Nonetheless, New York Best’s double chicken burger is a delightful burger, and a beautiful one too! New York Best innovative menu has ranked them amongst the very best burger places in Malta!

The Grassy Hopper:  Spicy Chickpea Burger

Whoop Whoop, a vegetarian burger made Lovin Malta’s list! We love the work Grassy Hopper have done in keeping meat lovers wanting more vegetarian food. We have a couple vegetarian burgers on our menu and are always keen to add more.

BONUS:  Just Burger’s Monthly Burger

If Lovin Malta are going to use one of our monthly burgers as their featured image, then that surely invites us to add another option to the list of best burgers in Malta. Or at least, that’s how we’re interpreting this one. Every month we launch a unique monthly burger inspired by a certain geographic location, culture or even occasion. Check out the October Burger, Supporting Pink October Malta.


What do you think the best burger in Malta is?

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Here’s a quick Summary:

The best burgers in Malta that Lovin’ Malta loved the most is a list filled with familiar names such as New York Best, Hugo’s Burger, Shoreditch, the vegetarian Grassy Hopper and more:

Just Burger: Bacon and cheeseburger
Shoreditch: El Paso Burger
Hungry Cow: The Holy Cow
Badass Burgers: The Daddy
Hugo’s Burger Bar: 911 Burger
New York Best: Double Chicken Burger
The Grassy Hopper: Spicy Chickpea burger
BONUS: Just Burger: Monthly Burger

What do you think the best burger in Malta is?