Golden Oldies. Bring back the monthly burger of your choice!

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Golden Oldies.
Bring back the monthly burger of your choice!

We’re bringing burgers back, yeeep!

Throughout 2016 we launched a new Monthly burger, dedicated to a special region or in some cases, activities.

Time and time again we have been asked if we will be bringing back a specific monthly burger again in the near future. To that, we say yes!

We have had so many requests for different Monthly burgers that we couldn’t possibly choose one ourselves.

Instead, we place our trust in you, our loyal eaters to bring back the Monthly burger of your choice.

Below is a small summary of each Monthly burger to help you decide which burger you want to see reappear in February. You can vote at the bottom of the blog:

The March Burger, Sweet Tennessee

Oh sweet March. The March burger was inspired by the state of Tennessee, famous for many things, most notably Jack Daniels. The March burger was home to 140 grams of pure Angus black beef, Jack Daniel cheddar cheese, bacon marinated in maple syrup and spicy fried onions. It’s safe to say March was a hit!

The March Burger, Sweet Tennessee small

The April Burger, A taste of Italy

It was a fresh start for Just burger in April. We strived to produce a burger that epitomizes spring. One that was fresh, tasty and distinctive.

The fresh tasting April Burger featured 140 grams of freshly minced Angus beef, fried mozzarella cheese, slowly roasted tomatoes and rocket salad, gentled tossed in balsamic vinegar.

The April Burger, A taste of Italy small

The May Burger, Cinco De Mayo

For May, we wanted to spice things up. Literally. The Mexican themed burger included 140 grams of fresh Angus beef, nacho chips, cheddar cheese, guacamole, Jalapeno jam and Pico de gallo (A fresh mix of chopped tomatoes, onions, coriander, fresh serrano peppers and lime juice)


The June Burger, National Day of Sweden

June was the month we visited our roots. Inspired by the Swedish national day, the June burger was home to a more unique array of ingredients mix known as Skagenrora. The June burger is made up of Shrimp, Dill, black pepper, mayonnaise and of course, 140 grams of freshly minced Angus beef!

June-Burger-Just Burger

The July Burger, American Independence Day

Who can forget our all-American July burger? We went big for July celebrating America, the modern birthplace of the hamburger. So what can you find on the July burger? In true American style, we used 200g of freshly minced Angus beef, American cheese, pickles, crispy bacon bits and last but not least, American burger sauce. As we said, all-American baby!


The August Burger, A Maltese Special

The August burger was dedicated to our beautiful island, Malta. In the August burger, you will find 140 grams of pure Angus beef, sundried tomato jam, rocket salad and some local peppered Gbenja cheese, which has been double coated with a mixture of salt, thyme, and breadcrumbs.


The September Burger, Frita Cubana

September was another hot month, and we aren’t just talking about the weather. The September burger was crafted around the popular Frita Cubana, most commonly found in Southern Florida. The September burger featured 140 grams of pure Angus beef, American cheese, crispy bacon pieces, Cajun seasoned shoestring potato sticks and a habanero mayo sauce. Delicioso!


The October Burger, Supporting Pink October

Rather than focus on a cultural cuisine, we teamed up with Pink October Malta to launch the October burger, in support of raising awareness for breast cancer. Now for the burger. The October burger was made up of 140 grams of pure Angus beef, tomatoes, pepper relish, onions, fresh baby spinach tossed in light honey, lemon and mustard dressing, and to finish off the burger, cooked chorizo. It’s refreshingly good!


The November Burger, A Polish Twist

For the November burger, we decided to focus on a cuisine that not many people are aware of yet is tasty nonetheless. Just like all our other Monthly burgers (except July), the November burger has 140 grams of pure Angus beef. Accompanying the meat are slices of Gouda cheese, crunchy gherkins, baked beetroot slices and a rich horseradish sauce.


The December Burger, A Christmas Special

Christmas came early at Just Burger this year as we introduced our festive feast. Breaking Christmas tradition, but sticking with the Just Burger one, 140 gr of pure Angus beef was the centerpiece of our Christmas meal. Along with the beef, the December burger has honey-and-spice cranberry jam, finely sliced radish and a tasty combination of marinated beetroot, green apple, red onion, celery leaves, mint, and basil.


The January Burger, California Dreamin’

Last but certainly not least is our current monthly burger, The January Burger a California-themed burger made to brighten up your day! Here’s what you can expect in the January burger; 140 grams of pure Angus beef, creamy guacamole mousse, crispy bacon pieces, tomatoes, lettuce and a fried egg, sunny side up!


Tummies rumbling, mouth watering, fingers itching, get voting to bring back your favourite burger!

What do you think is the best monthly burger?