The January Burger, California Dreamin’

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The January Burger,
California Dreamin’

It’s 2017. December has come and gone. Christmas is over, and it’s fair to say most of us are in need of a serious food detox.

With the new year, we wanted our January Burger to be light and fresh, while still maintaining a delightful taste. With that in mind, we explored a new (and popular) area in one of the modern day burger motherlands.

Say Hello to the January Burger, a California-themed burger, specially made to brighten up your day.


Back in July, we introduced our latest monthly burger, modelled around the classic, all-American burger. But America is a vast land. The term burger means different things depending what state you come from. From Minneapolis’s juicy lucy’s, to Oklahoma’s onion burger, every state almost always has a twist to the American classic.

So why California?

Well, let’s be honest. Unlike December, which has the magic of Christmas, January leaves a less lasting impression on us. It’s cold, and there’s nothing special to look forward too. So with that in mind, we wanted to create a burger that gave people a taste of warmth, and what better way to do so than with a Golden State burger.

No matter the month, you are always going to find a homemade and fresh Angus beef pattie in our burger. Needless to say, lying between our golden brioche buns is 140 gr of the finest Angus Black beef.

It wouldn’t be a decent Californian burger without the addition of some avocado. Think fresh. Think light. Think Tasty! Our creamy guacamole mousse perfectly adds a level of richness and contrast to the January burger. We couldn’t just leave it at that. We went proper Californian and added some salty bacon bits to the mix.

Outside of California, you would hear the term “California Burger” to describe standard burger veggie toppings such as tomatoes and lettuce. So to add to the January burger, the base of the burger bun is made of a fresh mixture of thinly sliced tomatoes and finely cut iceberg lettuce.

Just to add some more sunshine to the January burger, we have included a fried egg, sunny side up of course!

Do you think the January burger will be the best burger in Malta?

That concludes our January Burger. Join us at the Plaza Shopping Centre and try our latest monthly burger which will be available throughout January. Alternatively, you can order online via timetoeat or just give us a ring on 21332232.

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