The November Burger, A Polish Twist

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The November Burger,
A Polish Twist

It’s the start of a new month, which means back to the drawing board in pursuit of creating happiness, aka the November burger.

We’ve have made a special Maltese burger. We have created a Swedish burger. We even played on the American classic cheeseburger. The big question was where’s next? Which cultural twist should we next employ for our monthly burger?

Say hello to the November burger, an American classic with a Polish twist!


So why Poland? Well, we have always been a bit fascinated by Polish cuisine. Often unfairly described as bland, Polish cuisine has been widely influenced by other Central European cuisines. One of the main things that drew us in, was the sheer amount of preparation needed to create a dish that many would describe as “simple”.

Simple (and delightful if we may add) is our forte. So on that note, we welcomed the challenge to create a delicious hamburger which praised Polish cooking.

Let’s break down what makes up the November burger.

Like any other of our monthly burgers, 140 gr of pure Angus beef takes the centre stage. Flavoursome. Tender. Juicy. Our patties are what separates us from the rest. Don’t believe us? Come down to our Sliema restaurant and try it out for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!

If you have the time to go through a Polish cooking book, you will see a common thread of 3 key ingredients: meat, cheese and potatoes. We have already talked about the meat, so let’s move on to the cheese. We decided to include slices of the tasty Gouda Cheese (we know it’s Dutch, but it’s just too good!). For those looking to go for the treble, order a menu meal and potatoes will come too 😉


One of the most basic but loved ingredients used in Polish cuisine is gherkins. Of course, gherkins were popularised on burgers by the Americans, which gave us the perfect opportunity to fuse the two cuisines. The gherkins crunch really adds to the tenderness of the November burger.

Red beetroots are very popular in Polish cuisine. The vegetable is used across multiple dishes, mainly served raw and grated, great within a salad or as part of a spicy side dish. That said, we wanted to apply our own little twist to the beets and make it our own. Instead of grating our beetroot we decided to change it up a little. We are lovers of just about anything crispy here at Just Burger Malta so we created beetroot crisps. The November burger features thinly sliced beets which have been perfectly baked , then fried embellishing the natural flavour from the earthy, sweet beets.

The November burgers base is made up of a rich horseradish sauce. The sauces fresh aromatic effect and little kick really compliments the Angus beef and baked beets.It’s no surprise the Polish love mixing beetroot and horseradish.

Do you think the November burger will be the best burger in Malta?

Let us know what you think. We’re constantly looking to improve our service and recipes in order to fulfilll our ambition of creating the best burger in Malta. All feedback is welcome 🙂

The November burger will be available throughout the month of November from the Just Burger Malta restaurant at the bottom of the Plaza shopping centre, Sliema.

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