The October Burger, Supporting Pink October

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The October Burger,
Supporting Pink October

Another month, another burger. Whilst we are known to dedicate each of our monthly burgers to a special cuisine or geographic influence, the October burger represents something different.

For this month, we have teamed up with Pink October Malta to launch the October burger in support of raising awareness for breast cancer.


Let’s start with the important part. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is an annual worldwide campaign to increase awareness of the disease.

Pink October Malta is a movement dedicated to spreading awareness across the Maltese islands to help fight breast cancer. One in every eight women will suffer from the disease in the course of their lifetime, making it the number one form of cancer amongst women in Malta.

For every monthly burger you buy, we will, together, contribute to the research and development to fight Breast Cancer. Included with your October burger will be a pink ribbon. Wear it with pride and help show your support for the cause!

Now, for the burger…


Keeping it classy, sitting between our beautiful brioche buns, is 140 gr of pure Angus beef. There’s something special about fresh Angus beef, don’t you think? Maybe it’s just us, but you can always come to Just Burger for the finest cut of beef, and that’s a guarantee!

As it is Breast Cancer Awareness month, we wanted to create a burger that added to the prevention purpose in the only way that we know how; through burgers.

We wanted to create a burger that’s filled with healthy ingredients and antioxidants. Think tomatoes, think pepper relish and of course, arguably the healthiest of em all, onions. That’s not all, we have also added fresh baby spinach tossed in a light honey, lemon and mustard dressing as well as a slight dazzle in our tomato salsa. Refreshingly good!

We couldn’t help but add just one rowdy ingredient, and that comes in the shape of a cooked chorizo. Chorizo smoky flavour and rich red colour adds the perfect blend to the bright and cheerful hamburger.

But this month is like no other. We’ve heard your request to do a special vegetarian burger and here’s your answer.

Limited edition vegan burger

For this month only, we’re launching the spicy black bean burger. A tasty vegetarian alternative to the monthly burger, the black bean burger has been perfectly spiced with the perfect balance of kick and flavour. Like the October burger, a baby spinach salad, which has been tossed in a light honey, lemon and mustard dressing makes up the bed of the burger. Finishing off this special black bean burger is a smooth and rich cashew nut dressing. Pure bliss.


The October burger will be available from the Sliema Just Burger restaurant for the duration of the month. We invite you to join the Pink October movement and help in the fight against breast cancer!

Go Pink?