About Us

We love the simplicity of a burger meal. All you need is a high quality mince and a nice bun. We mince our own 100% fresh Angus beef and our bun is made from a Swedish recipe and produced by a local bakery.

A Swedish Story

“We wanted to bring a Swedish twist to an American classic here in Malta. We focussed mainly on simplicity both in the way we prepare and serve our food.”

—Liselott Moazed

We felt there was space in the local market for a simple and fresh burger with attention to detail and quality. No frozen burgers, no prefabrication, no additives, just genuine simple cooking. In order to make the Just Burger experience more varied we have a unique monthly burger.

We take pride in our homemade and handmade cooking from mincing the meat to our homemade dressing, dip sauces, veggie burgers and more…

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pure fresh angus beef just burger malta