The September Burger, Frita Cubana

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The September Burger,
Frita Cubana

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that make us the happiest. Taking a walk on a beautiful day. Getting a good night’s sleep. Spending time with pets. Finding out about our new monthly burger.

Make no mistake, the Just Burger September burger isn’t one of those simple pleasures. Truth be told, our latest limited edition burger is the result of a long but rewarding process of creating the perfect burger.


Keeping up with our monthly burger posts, we wanted to take you on a little trip down memory lane, to get a feel of the burger’s origins. Back in 1961, it’s believed Dagoberto Estevil brought the popular frita Cubana to Little Havana in Miami. And just like that the frita Cubana was introduced to America and more famously Southern Florida.

September may be a “cooler month” but let’s not kid ourselves. We’re keeping the heat going at Just Burger. You’ll know what we mean with your first bite of our September burger!

Of course, sitting between our soft brioche buns is a 140gr of 100% Angus beef. We wouldn’t want it any other way.

Laying on top of the patty are neat slices of American cheese, which was a popular addition to our July burger. After all, frita Cubana was made renown worldwide by the Americans so it would be rude not to feature it again.

Crispy pieces of bacon have been placed on top of the American cheese. Crunchy and delicious.


Now for that Cuban twist. The September burger is bursting with crispy fried potatoes also known as shoestring potato sticks. The thinly sliced shoestring potato sticks add an extra piece of crisp and texture to each bite. The shoestring potato sticks have been seasoned with cajun paprika, giving the September burger that extra kick of flavour.

What’s a Cuban infused burger without some spice ey? We’ve been told that our habanero sauce is just a bit too spicy for most of you. So we toned it down ever so slightly. The September burger features a thick habanero mayo sauce.

Looking for that extra thing to spice up your life? We’re happy to introduce you to the September burger.

The September burger will be available throughout the month of September at both the just burger restaurants in Sliema and Paceville.

Cub-an get it!